A. Preparatory actions, management plans and action plans:

ACTION A.1: Assessment of the vegetation through the comparative analysis of digital orthophotos of the burnt areas

ACTION A.2: Drafting of the defence plan for high risk areas of forest fires within the Garajonay National Park and its surrounding area on the Island of La Gomera

ACTION A.3: Assessment of the characteristics of the ground affected by the fire of 2012 as a basis for the restoration of the ecosystem there

ACTION A.4: Drafting of the ecological restoration plan for the areas burnt by the great fire of 2012 at the Garajonay National Park

ACTION A.5: Designing the strategies for social prevention of forest fires

ACTION A.6: Special municipal self-protection plans against forest fires in urban areas around the laurel forest habitats

C. Specific conservation actions:

ACTION C.1: The ecological restoration of those habitats burnt in the macaronesia laurel forests 9360* and indigenous macaronesia heather 4050* at the Garajonay National Park

ACTION C.2: The recuperation of groups of endangered flora species affected by the fire at the Garajonay National Park and surrounding area

ACTION C.3: Municipal self-protection measures against forest fires in urban areas near to laurel forest habitats

D. Follow up on the impact of actions of the project:

ACTION D.1: Assessment of the implementation of restoration actions and improvements to the habitat

ACTION D.2: Assessment of the social-economic impact of measures taken in the project in respect of the local population and economy, as well as the restoration of the ecosystemic functions

ACTION D.3: A follow up programme of variable indicators concerning the evolution of the habitat in the areas burnt at the Garajona National Park

E. Public awareness and the publishing of results:

ACTION E.1: Exhibition and hoardings on the problems of fires

ACTION E.2: Drafting and publication of two documentaries on the problems of forest fires

ACTION E.3: Drafting of project information material

ACTION E.4: Website

ACTION E.5: International Seminars on the prevention and defence against forest fires in laurel woodland areas and the restoration of laurel forests burnt by fires

ACTION E.6: Information and training analysis workshops

ACTION E.7: Notice board

ACTION E.8: Layman Report