General Measures

In order to achieve objective 1, a series of measures are to be taken to obtain the essential expertise required in order to fully optimize the strategies. An assessment of the vegetation is to be carried out, along with a study of the impact of fires and also an evaluation of the characteristics of the ground affected by the fire.

Measures are also to be established to find out how nature responds to the restoration measures, a follow up programme will be set up and an assessment of the implementation of all actions will also be carried out.

The Ecological Restoration Plan will then be drafted and this shall be duly executed.

In order to achieve objetive 2, work will be carried out on the recuperation of the groups of endangered flora species.

In order to achieve objetive 3, measures shall be put in force to improve knowledge of how fire spreads, and the efficiency of the techniques to put them out.  Specifically, an integral study shall be carried out on the response to the fire as a tool for post-fire management, and there will be international seminars on the prevention and defence against laurel forest fires and the restoration of these forests burnt by fire. Other necessary measures will be put in force to reduce the incidence of fires, and to provide more efficient ways to extinguish fires should they start, through the drafting of a defence plan, the implantation of special municipal plans for self-protection, and the enforcement of municipal self-protection measures.

There will be awareness campaigns for the island’s residents so that they are fully informed of the problems of forest fires and their effects and implications on the laurel forest ecosystems and surrounding areas. This will be done through the designing of social prevention strategies against forest fires, the assessment of the social-economic impacts of the project’s actions, as well as the restoration of ecosystematic functions, along with public information campaigns such as exhibitions and hoardings dealing with the problems of fires, the making and publishing of two documentaries, other project information materials, analysis workshops, training and public disclosure, the placing of a notice board about the project, a so-called public information report as well as the building of this website specific to the project.